Team India’s record against Pakistan In all Formats after 2021 world cup

Team India’s record against Pakistan is not good as their world cup records. India and Pakistan have played a total of 200 matches. Between them, Pakistan has won 87 matches and India won only 70. But India has beaten Pakistan 6 times out of 9 in t20 matches.

Team India's record against Pakistan In all Formats after 2021 world cup
Team India’s record against Pakistan In all Formats after 2021 world cup

Why India Vs Pakistan Rivalry Is So Famous

After the Partition of British India into India and Pakistan, there had been many diplomatic issues between these two nations. With the Indo-Pakistani Wars, the Kashmir conflict, Mumbai terrorist attack and the 1999 Kargil war the cricket matches become more intense between these two nations.

Now India Vs Pakistan matches only happens in World Cups and Champions Trophy. So India vs Pakistan matches become the mother of all battles.

First And Latest Matches Between India And Pakistan

India and Pakistan first played a match in 1952 in a test match between 16 to 19 October. Their first encounter in One Day International was in 1978 and after the introduction of the twenty overs matches in 2007 they played in the T20 world cup.

They last played a Test match in 2007 and played in 2019 and 2021 world cups in One Day International and Twenty Twenty Cricket.

Total Matches played and no of wins (Team India’s record against Pakistan)

MatchesIndia WinPakistan Win

India didn’t play a test match with them after 2007. Due to 2008, Mumbai terrorists attack the political tension between the two nations increases.

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The world cup “mauka mauka” was at last broken

India had a 12-0 lead over their arch-rivals Pakistan before their loss in the 2021 T20 world cup. Virat became the first Indian Captain to have a defeat under his belt against Pakistan in a world cup match. It was a harsh 10 wicket defeat against Pakistan.

This loss has asked many questions to the Indian team selection about the fitness of Hardik Pandya, the form of Bhubaneshwar Kumar and the lack of 6th bowling option in the team.

What is the future of India vs Pakistan

I don’t think India vs Pakistan matches can be played outside the world cup shortly. There are still so many political things going on between India and Pakistan. So the mother of the battle will be played only in the world cups and Champions Trophy.

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